City game “Multicultural neighbourhood”

Our festival officially starts tomorrow!Participants will start with getting to know our city, it will be about folk too, of course! Some of them will play city game “Multicultural neighbourhood” inspired by industrial and intercultural history of Lodz.

They are going to create the route of multicultural and folk tram line by means of the Internet, maps and on-line games on their smartphones. The line is near post-industrial areas : Silberstein’s, Schweikert’s, Richter’s or Geyer’s.

We will get to know the results soon.

To take part in the game one has to download it on  the smartphone  (preferably with Android).





  1. The game starts at 250 Piotrkowska street (near Silberstein’s factory).
  2. The participants are divided into a few groups.
  3. Each group:
  • will get to know a part of the city by performing creative tasks
  •  will have the person around to help the group
  •  will receive game cards, which need to be filled in during its duration and returned to the organizers after the last task has been completed. Points will be awarded on their basis
  1. In each group there must be at least 2 people with the access to the Internet 
  • one of them must have the game downloaded on the smartphone
  • the other one must have  the access to internet maps or navigation to be able to check the addresses of the next points and set the direction – the address of the places is displayed at the top of each game board on the smartphone
  1. Participants send multimedia files documenting the performance of tasks (photos, recordings) to the PADLET during the game or immediately after its end (on the same day). This will be the basis for calculating points in the FOLKMAN, FOLKWOMAN, FOLKGROUP ranking

LINK to PADLET (where one can place multimedia-indispensable for awarding points)